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aziz_natour_mar13 Aziz Natour (born 29th of July, 1992) is an Arab-Israeli entrepreneur, self-employed graphic designer, web developer and has been freelancing since 2008.

In this role, Aziz handles numerous projects concurrently, and is proficient in most relevant programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver working on PC & Mac platforms. When Aziz is not working, he likes to watch movies, play video games and check for latest gadgets and technology innovations.

In addition to his design experience, Aziz web development skills include HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, ActionScript, working with Content Management Systems, web accessibility standards, SEO, W3C validation, flash and interactive solutions. Furthermore, Aziz understands the medium of user experience, development of user-friendly environment, GUI and interface sprites.

After realizing that he had a talent for drawing and design, Aziz pursued further education at the college of COM (Hebrew: המכללה למינהל) in Haifa, earning his Academic certificate majoring in Web Development, Print Media and Graphic Design.

Known for his devotion to a project, Aziz’s strengths are creativity, professionalism and high attention to details. As well, he enjoys the concept of visually communicating ideas and integrating them with interactive functionality inherent in multimedia projects.

Before self-employment, Aziz spent months working and experimenting in the field of graphic design for a variety of games, personal projects and various internet forums. His reputation now precedes him with comments such as “Aziz has some absolutely wicked designing skills” and “Definitely a top-notch designer and extremely trustworthy. You’d be crazy not to hire him!” being received by satisfied clients.

Aziz’s favorite part of the job is the design process, because it allows him to unleash his artistic creativity beyond the standard boundaries. Also, seeing your work appear in print can be quite exciting, particularly if it’s for a major publication!

Due to his experience in aspects such as web design, corporate branding, web development, and advertisements, Aziz Natour is a sought-after name in the field of design and multimedia and utilizes his knowledge of basic artistic fundamentals to translate ideas into visual reality. It then stands to reason that he would be honored with the Design and Building Guru badges by the Community for active contributions in 2010.

Despite his busy career in design, Aziz makes time to be involved with online communities and professional organizations. He is a member of NetBuilders, deviantART, Behance, TeenBusinessForum, TalkFreelance and Forrst. Aziz also serves as the administrator and co-founder of the DesignSpot group which promotes talented artists and showcases their creative works. He has also volunteered for non-profit works such as SWA (Shefa-amr Women Association) and


Duration Institute Major(s) Location
2012-present Tiltan Visual Communication, Web Design & Development Haifa, Israel
2011-2012 Bezalel Academy Visual Communication Jerusalem, Israel
2008–2009 College of Management Computer Graphics, Interactive Media Haifa, Israel


Duration Position Company Location
2010-present CEO & Founder Israel / Worldwide
2008-present Graphic Designer & Web Developer Self-employed Israel / Worldwide




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