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March 29, 2010

RunningOnlineBiz Interview

This is an old interviewed I had done in 2010 when I was 17. The full interview can be viewed at the RunningOnlineBusiness site.

“One of my favorite things to do in this industry is interview people. It is great to get a deeper understanding of what other people do and how they approach online business. Plus, I think that you (the reader) can learn quite a bit from these interviews. Well, today I’m bringing to you an extensive interview with my friend Aziz Natour, from NetBuilders. He currently works as a graphic designer – covering the entire spectrum of multimedia.”

1. Hello and thank you for the interview! Would you like to introduce yourself?

It is my pleasure! I’m Aziz Natour, a 17 year old freelance graphic designer and web developer residing in Shefa’amr, Israel. If I’m not working, I’ll probably be playing video games or watching movies and checking out what’s new on the web.

2. I know that you’re involved with a lot of graphics work. What sort do you do? (Themes and Templates, Logos, etc.)

I’ve almost covered every sort of graphic design, beginning with simple text effects to corporate designs. Commercial works include logotypes, web design, application interfaces, icons, mobile skins, advertisements, photo-manipulation, book covers and many more.

Additionally, I have had experience with digital art, making digital paintings such as wallpapers, illustrations and fractal art mostly abstract and surreal. You can see examples at my DeviantArt gallery here.

I believe that once you master the tools, nothing can stop you.

3. What was your original inspiration to start working with graphics? Did you ever take any special courses on the subject? How did you maintain motivation for your work?

Ever since I was a child I loved art and got into a painting course and painted many pieces. Soon enough I was fascinated by the computer graphics and spent countless hours on Microsoft Paint (it’s true!) as well as Microsoft PowerPoint, making animated presentations and whatnot.

By the time I became 11, my twin brother bought the latest Photoshop version at the time, it was Adobe Photoshop 7. I got so amazed by the program and of course, I was a newbie with no experience but messing around paid off. I started learning the basics properly with the help of online tutorials and later learned advanced techniques which substantially developed my skills.

At age 16 I decided to take my hobby to the next level and attended a professional college course in 2008.

4. What initially inspired you to begin doing work online?

I guess what most inspired me is the whole idea of working from home and earning money. For a young guy like me it seemed like the perfect job as I cannot acquire a real career yet and plus I love what I do. So I thought, “Hey, why not just do it?” and since I had enough experience I started taking offers and eventually made a profitable business.

5. At what point did you begin to receive a significant profit? Did you have to make any initial investments in training, software, advertising, etc?

I began to receive significant profits in 2009 after I acquired a college certification in the field. I started promoting myself around the web, especially on webmaster forums. I’ve launched my own website to showcase my work and impress clients.

6. Could you share your toolbox with us? What programs do you use to carry out your work?

I work mostly with Adobe systems, their programs lead the market. I use Photoshop for graphic design, Illustrator for vector projects, DreamWeaver for web development and Flash for flash-based projects. Although these tools are great, they are useless without a creative mind to make the best out of the technologies within.

I also recommend open-source free programs as alternatives, such as Gimp, Notepad++, InkScape and similar tools.

A powerful computer is also essential for work. You wouldn’t want your computer to crash while working on an important project. Additionally, a backup external hard-disk is necessary.

During work I tend to listen to music, it helps me relax and gives me motivation.

  • Loukas Drolias