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EvilGamerz Mobile Theme

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    Download from mobile9
  • Date:

    July 2009

This is a theme I made for EvilGamerZ. It’s based on the main EvilGamerZ style and feel (bloody, dark, red).

*Includes EvilGamerZ official ring tone.


v3.0 – S700
v4.1 – W900
v4.5 – K790/K800/K810/S500/W580/W830/W850
v4.5 variation – T650/K770/W880 *
v4.6 – G502/K660/K850/W760/W890/W910/Z750/Z770
v4.7 – W760/C702/C902/W980/Z780/W595/W902/C905

This work is copyrighted.