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Rich vs. Standard Packaging

  • Concept:

    The rich intentionaly pay more
  • Credits:

    Sewar Yassin, Aziz Natour, Amjad Matan
  • Date:

    May 2013

This is an interesting project done for “Design Concept” course at Tiltan. The brief tasked a group of students to portray the difference between rich and poor people using a visual expression. My group’s concept was based on the reality that some rich people willingly pay more for products they can get for a cheaper price merely to feel superior or showoff their wealth. Consequently, we decided to focus on the most basic and essential products humans need and chose bread, milk and sugar; then redesigned their packaging to make them appear luxurious and upscale to show that even if the product is the still the same, the cost is higher simply because of the packaging.

The existing products which were redesigned are produced by well-known Israeli companies Tnuva (Milk), Sugat (Sugar) and Angel Bakeries (Bread).

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