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what I doProficiency

Graphic Design

Visually communicating your ideas with quality graphics ready for web and print. Advertisements, Symbols, Digital Art and Illustration.

GUI Design

Combining visual design with interactivity to create an end-user experience. UI Designs for your applications, software and mobile.

Logos and Branding

Stylish logos and recognizable identities for corporate companies, organizations and individuals; Delivered in high resolution print quality.


Editing images and photographs, retouching, color balance enhancement, face makeovers and more.


Converting a PSD/Design into a functional flexible coded page with W3C valid, cross-browser friendly, clean markup

Web Design

Designing a unique visual presentation of your web content and concepts in a creative user-friendly layout meeting contemporary trends and standards.

Web Development

Developing accessible SEO-friendly websites using innovative technology and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ActionScript.

Website Enhancements

Improving the appearance and/or source of your website to create a better user-friendly enviroment and organized valid code.

Legal Letters

Acting on your behalf as an authorized agent when filing DMCA complaints and C&D letters.


Professional advice and guidance sessions in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Development and Interactive Media.

how I do itBusiness

Expert in the field

I hold Academic certificates in Graphic Design and Web Development with 5+ years of experience.

Certified Business

I run a legally certified business offering professional services with managed projects, invoices and statistics.

Easily Reachable

Great support and communication. You may get in touch with me anywhere — IMs, E-mail, and Phone.

Organized Planning & Research

Proper planning of projects and collection of useful information to produce better results.

Secure Transactions

All transactions and invoices are processed in secure, encrypted servers; your data remains classified.


I am very flexible to work with and encourage feedback for ideal business relations.

happy clientsRecognition

“Aziz is a fantastic graphic designer. His turn-around time is outstanding, the quality is amazing, and he’s just a really great guy to work with. If you’re looking for a dependable designer who delivers work on time, every time, just as you want it, you need to hire this guy.”

– Corey Freeman

“I needed a new site because of slowing sales and current site was a code nightmare! Found Aziz through DeviantART and the rest is history. We went through 2 stages, design and code — In the design stage we worked out what the new site would look like and he basically pulled every idea I had in my mind and poured them into the design with his unique flair — The next step was coding, Aziz professionally coded the design and added the features that were already on our site and even added some of his own ideas which came out awesome — This surprised me because most designers/coders just follow what they are told to do — Aziz went above and beyond for me. Aziz is very professional, has excellent customer service, worked with me after the job was completed and worked within my budget. I would recommend him to anyone I know!”


“As far as we’re concerned, Aziz Natour is one of the most proficient and prolific web and graphic designers on the planet. He’s an all-around pro with all things Web, is highly knowledgable, and is an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. Aziz is responsible for the GameMazing site design, logo, GUI artwork, HTML/CSS, and several of the frontend scripts.

If you are in need of website service, we highly recommend Aziz!”

– Bryce Fitzsimons, GameMazing LLC

“I have worked with Aziz on several occasions and each project has been positive and beneficial. Not only is Aziz professional and extremely skilled at what he does, but also genuinely kind and very easy to work with. He works very quickly and compromises rates when it’s not even necessary. I can explain to Aziz what I want in cryptic language and he still knows what I’m talking about and comes out with something way better than I expected. I will definitely work with him in the future.”

– Paul van Nimwegen

“To kick off, I’m a young web entrepreneur and I’ve been doing internet business for 5 years. On forums, I used many designers, most of them being very cheap and of low quality until I got to the point where I found Aziz. He’s currently the only designer I ever talk to and order works from. From headers to avatars, he made it all and it was all perfectly done! He’s really the only designer I’m going to recommend to other people and I’m sure I will order more graphics from Aziz in the future!”

– Nico Lawsons

“I spoke to Aziz because I had made the decision to take my site to the next level and knew that I needed a nice logo to make that happen. I wasn’t able to provide much to Aziz, but he was still able to come back. I was fortunate enough to have loved the first draft; however, he said that if I wanted revisions, he was very open to them. With the rapid expansion I have planned for my company, I know that I will be going back to Aziz time and time again for all my graphic needs.”

– Jacob C. Donnelly

“We have contracted with Aziz many times, to create quality logos for our projects and custom ads to promote our projects. Aziz is adept at understanding our requirements and creating visually appealing graphics to meet those requirements. I hope to work with Aziz on many new projects.”

– Will Spencer

“I have used Aziz’s design services in the past and have appreciated the effort put in. Aziz has consistently provided me with creative designs, fit for the purpose of web publishing. I should also make certain that I do not neglect to mention that his creative designs were always delivered by agreed deadlines, at suitable costs.”

– Charles Salamon

how much does a car cost?Valuation

  • Dynamic Factors
  • Payment Options
  • Payment Methods
  • Discounts
  • Bottom Line
  • The costs of each project may vary depending on various different factors. You can view a list of some factors below.

    • Quality — higher quality costs more.
    • Workload — multiple assignments and responsibilities increase service fee.
    • Deadline — request of sooner results can affect price.
    • Project Complexity — complicated tasks and requirements usually cost higher.
    • Revisions — certain amount of revisions are offered for free. revisions beyond the limit may cost you an extra fee.
    • Assets — fees to cover stock photos and required resources.
    • VAT / Taxes — state-issued taxes (Israeli customers only).
    • Cancellation fee — required fee if client decides to cancel a project. dynamically changed depending on rejection time and project estimate cost.
  • I always try to provide comfortable payment options for clients. You may choose the plan which suits you best.

    • Full Payments — full payment before or after the work is complete.
    • Partial Payments
      • Halves — pay 50% of total fee as an initial payment and 50% after the work is finished.
      • Thirds — pay 33.33% initial payment, 33.33% midway and 33.33% when work is done.
  • Below a list of the currently acceptable payment methods and processors. There are plans for expansion; you may contact me with any suggestions.

    • PayPal – must have a verified account. you can use PayPal to pay via your credit card, debit card or bank account.
    • Bank / Wire Transfer – usually takes 5 to7 business days. transaction fees may apply by your bank.
    • Paysafecard – pay cash online without a bank account or credit card.
    • WesternUnion – transfer cash online around the world.
    • Escrow — protects online buyers and sellers from fraud.
    • MoneyBookers — DISCONTINUED.
    • AlertPay — DISCONTINUED.
  • On several occasions, discounts may apply to keep new and repeat clients satisfied with the services offered.

    • New Clients — new customers are treated with a special discount depending on price and project specification.
    • Repeat Clients — clients who hire me regularly receive discount offers on special events and holidays.
  • There are many variables which play a crucial role in pricing. However, it all evolves around your budget and requirements. You can get in touch with me to get an estimated quote for your projects.